We also have roving for the hand spinners in brown and grey.
Our roving is $3.75 per oz.


We just received our yarns from Central Virginia Fiber Mill.
We currently have two colors available in 2 ply sport weight yarn.
and Brown
We ask $30 per 250 yd skein.


We have added products made from the fiber of our alpacas.  Currently we have Ingrid’s Custom handwoven Rugs hand loomed in West Texas by experienced weavers  100% wool is spun around a jute core, which give the rug years of durability and also has the advantage of being reversible.  It resists fading and war and provides a certain amount of sound proofing.  These unique hand woven rugs, with European like texture, shows occasional unevenness and nubs which gives each rug a unique one-of-a kind look.

We have three rug sizes made from Little Creek Menagerie alpaca fiber.

2′x3′ – $125

3×5 – $275

4′x6′ – $450