More Congo Grey chicks

We are now up to 5 Congo Grey chicks hatched.  We have two more eggs in the incubator.  When I candled them they appeared to be behind the others in development so it may be as long as another week before they hatch.

All the chicks are eating well, and frequently,  about every three hours.


Two Congo Grey chicks hatched Friday evening.  Two more eggs are pipped.  It may take as long as two or three days once an egg is pipped until hatching.  We normally let the parents feed chicks for two or three weeks but this group will have to be fed from day one.  The first day (Saturday), we have been feeding these two chicks about every three hours.  The Meyers and Senegal parrots are working their nest boxes.  Nesting season is fast approaching for all our pairs.  Alex’s eggs and the egg in Congo Grey pair number 2 were infertile but both pairs may lay a second clutch.

Another Egg

Second egg found in Alex’s nest box. She isn’t sitting as close as I would like but maybe she know best.

Alex Laid Her First Egg Today

The hen (Alex) of our original pair of African greys laid her first egg today. She had been working the nest box for the past several weeks.

Six Pairs of African Congo Greys

We added six pairs of African Congo Greys to our aviary last week. Our greys were purchased from Toni and Bruce Fortin. We look forward to the quality African Grey production from these excellent pairs. Prior to moving the birds we removed 10 eggs from their nest boxes. It appears that 7 of those eggs are fertile and developing normally. We expect hatching to begin around Feb 21, 2011.