Handfeeding Parrot Chicks

Alpaca Shearing day is over and parrots are hatching almost daily. We will be busy hand feeding parrots and skirting the alpaca fiber for processing.

As of today we have four African Grey Parrot chicks available for sale. I peeked in a Bluehead Pionus nest box and found 5 chicks. We will be pulling those for handfeeding this next weekend. Our second pair of blueheads is working the nest box so may be laying within the next week or so.

We should be handfeeding Maximillian Pionus chicks either next week or the week after. The hens are still sitting close so I haven’t been able to see how many have hatched. The Bronzewings and whitecaps haven’t started nesting but we have one pair of each working a nest box and expect them to start laying eggs any day now.

The Bluefront Amazons are sitting on three eggs. Those should be hatching most any day now. We will let the hen feed her chicks for about 2 weeks. We will then pull them and hand feed them so they will be nice and tame.

We have one quaker chick ha