Our Parrots

Bluefront Amazons

Bluefront Amazon

Beautiful birds that make amazing pets. They rival the African Greys in speaking ability and make good singers.

Our amazons normally lay eggs in May. That results in our having chicks available fed out in late August or September.




The Genus Pionus is not widely popular because it is not widely known. Despite an article as early as 1997 by Suzanne Myers in Bird Talk expounding on the remarkable pet qualities of this genus, they remain unknown by the general public. The genus contains eight species; six of these are kept in captivity in the U.S. We have four of these species at Little Creek Aviary. Each of the species has the characteristic bright red under the tail that is typical of the genus. Pionus are closely related to the Amazon parrots but not as noisy. So if noise is a factor in the selection of your pet parrot, one of the pionus species might be your answer. They are attractive birds that do not make a lot of noise, don’t chew a lot, and are not so large as to be intimidating.

White Cap Pionus

The smallest of the Pionus group but one of the most colorful. These little guys make excellent pets with good talking ability.

Male Whitecap Pionus

Female Whitecap Pionus

Maximillian Pionus Parrot

They are also known as the Scaly-headed parrot.  This species is more subtly colored that the other species but makes up for it by being one of the best talkers and most outgoing of the genus.

Maximillian Pionus

Maximillian Pionus hen

Doing Tricks






Bluehead Pionus

One of the most beautiful of all parrots with its brilliant blue head.  These talk also, but usually not as well as the Maximillian.

Bluehead Pionus

Bluehead Pionus

Congo Grey Parrots

Widely known as the best talker in the parrot world. Their subtle grey feathering is accented by the brilliant red tail.

Poicephalus group

This is another quiet group of parrots. We only keep one species of this group, Meyers parrots

Meyers Parrot – Beautiful little parrot – The Meyers are typically outgoing, interactive and a great little pet.

Meyers Parrot

Meyers Parrot

Quakers and Ringnecks

The Quakers have been said to be second only to the Grey parrots in their talking ability. I would personally put both the Bluefront Amazons and Maximillian Pionus ahead of Quakers in talking ability. We keep three varieties of Quakers; the normal green, yellowfaced, and blue.

Yellow faced Quaker pair

Blue & Green Quaker Pair

Beautiful varieties are available in the species.  We have an olive male with a blue female.  They should produce among other colors, cobalt blue chicks.

Indian Ringneck Parakeets

I received this email from the vet of one of our customers on 10/10/2013.

Good afternoon,
I am a veterinarian in Greenville, NC that recently saw one of your baby greys! I just had to contact you and tell you I appreciate the information and knowledge you give your new bird owners! She is a beautiful bird and her owners are very happy to have her. She did great for her wellness checkup, but most importantly the owners had a great knowledge base and knew how to properly care for their new addition. This is not the case in all the exotic pets I see, so I like to personally say thank you to the people out there that are doing it right!

Thanks again,

Lu Macnider, DVM
Greenville, NC

Our customers did their research and we provided as much information as we can as well. When both of us work together, very good results are possible.